Bedtime Routine

Always no matter how tired I am I must wash my face and put my serums on before bedtime. Here is a breakdown of what I do every night.

Sweater: J. Crew Pants: Frankie Miami Photos Jewelry: Kiki di Savoy

I start by cleansing my Face with Lait VIP 02. Its a creamy texture facial cleanser smooth to the skin. After removing with water and lightly pat drying my face with a hemp towel I apply Biologique Recherche P50 1970 on a cotton pad making tap tap motions. I like to follow the misting water spray to cool the skin off as the P50 lotion creates a slight tingling sensation. Take 3-6 drops of Serum Elastin and Amniotique and apply all over face. neck and eye area. Follow these steps with my favorite creme PIGM 400. It is my wow cant live without product. Last but not least an eye cream and Silk Plus Serum.

Photos by Nick Mele

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